Hyper-Converged Infrastructure IaaS

On-demand hyper-converged infrastructure as a service built to scale based on your hybrid IT needs.

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Start Small. Provision your
Infrastructure in Minutes.

Start your HCI Infrastructure with a hyper-converged 3 server cloud core. Provisioned in 45 minutes with control plane, network, compute, and storage.

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Customize and Scale
your Infrastructure On-Demand.

Scale your IaaS across regions to hundreds of servers, thousands of VM's and petabytes of storage. Build custom deployments with Converged Clouds & Bare Metal Servers.

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Infrastructure as a Service Advantages

Partner with a reliable IaaS provider that allows you to have full control on your IT budgets.

Privacy First
Privacy First Infrastructure

Fully private infrastructure as a service with direct control over your hardware. Access control in your hands only.

Consistent Infrastructure
Consistent Infrastructure

What you set is what you get. Matched server cluster hardware. Your infrastructure architecture doesn’t change once deployed.

IT Costs
Predictable IT Costs

A hyper-converged IaaS with transparent and predictable pricing. Set daily budget limits. No surprise bills or unfair licensing.

Custom Built Server
No vendor lock-in

OpenStack Private Clouds made accessible to smaller IT teams. Harness the power of open source to easily build and scale your infrastructure.

Private IaaS Powered by OpenStack

Flex Metal's Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is available on-demand and powered by of the most supported and industry accepted open source technologies for IaaS.

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Get Started with Flex Metal Cloud

An on-demand private cloud is just minutes away. Create a free account to test drive a cloud and more...

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Launch Your Private Cloud

Provision OpenStack Private Clouds on-demand. Go from zero to new VMs in about 45 minutes.

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Test Drive/PoC Credits

Migrating a large deployment or pricing out a new project? Test Drives and Proof of Concept Credits available now!

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Need Help?

Discuss your infrastructure requirements with the Flex Metal Cloud Team to get a personalized assessment.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Use Cases

Explore some of the hybrid IT use cases that Flex Metal IaaS is perfect for.

IT Modernization:IaaS lowers cost and complexity, but it is critical you do the move on your terms.
SaaS Providers:Leverage Cloud automation and bare metal power at a price that fits the SaaS market.
On-Demand OpenStack:Grow your current OpenStack with a new Region in days.
OpenStack Public Cloud Providers:Add new service locations, cut time to market, and lower per VM costs.
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Highly Available Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) simplifies cloud deployments, increases flexibility, and maximizes resources for IT management. Powered by OpenStack, Flex Metal Cloud starts with a 3 server cloud core and makes OpenStack private clouds easily accessible to smaller teams. A small hyper-converged OpenStack private cloud can be deployed in under 45 minutes and for under $600/mo.

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On-Demand & Scalable Private Cloud IaaS Architecture

Organizations can use the Infrastructure as a Service architecture to maintain application availability, performance, agility, and on-demand scalability. IaaS Services provide access to robust data centers, auto-scaling compute, multi-zone region networking, and Ceph object storage. Flex Metal Private Cloud powered by OpenStack and Ceph allows you to run your business applications and workloads in the cloud with ease.

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Choose a Reputable Infrastructure as a Service Vendor Today

In choosing InMotion Hosting as your IaaS Provider, you take back control of your IT infrastructure. With transparent pricing, usage based billing, no hidden license fees and no surprise bills, you can finally make the best use of your IT budgets. With a privacy-first approach, your System Administrators have direct access and governance over the hardware. Take back control over your infrastructure management today. Test trials and Proof of Concept Credits are available.


Flex Metal Cloud is Right for your Company

Comprehensive FAQs

Review our detailed FAQs on the platform, automation, on-boarding and Day 2 Operations.